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Katherine crafts - making a confetti bowl

This summer, I had almost an entire week with my granddaughters (oh yeah, and their parents!), and during that week, 5 year old Katherine and I had plenty of time to do projects together.  Our 5 month old Julianna mostly helped by staying out of the way!

I have the BEST toes!

Our first project was to make a confetti bowl.  I've seen this done many times, but I've never actually made one before, so I did a certain amount of anxious hoping when we went to remove the bowl from the form.  It worked out perfectly!  The only downside is having to wait overnight for it to dry, but we had so many other fun things to do that Katherine didn't mind.  Plus, I think it's a good thing to be showing young kids that not all art is instantaneous.

1. Blow up a balloon and find a plastic or glass bowl that it can rest on without too much slipping around.  Cover the bowl with foil or waxed paper.

2. Use Mod Podge, Elmer's glue, or any other white glue to adhere the confetti to the top portion of the bowl.  We found it worked best if I brushed on a small section of glue at a time and Katherine poured/patted the confetti into place.

3. After a few hours, I returned and added another layer of glue to the surface of the bowl to seal in the confetti.  This isn't really necessary, but it did make a nicer surface and made it a bit more water-resistant.

4. When the bowl was totally dry (overnight), we popped the balloon and peeled it out.  It stuck a bit, but was easy enough to remove.

5. Katherine declared that I needed to cut along the top and remove all the stragglers.  I tried to convince her that they added character to the bowl, but nothing doing!

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Aww, Cyndi, you do have some beautiful babies there! I love Katherine's bowl, it's gorgeous!
Cyndi L said…
Thank you, June! They are sooo sweet and I miss them so much :-)