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Alaska quilt - part four

The quilting is all going to be done with two strands of embroidery floss, through all four layers (backing, batting, top, and netting).  Sometimes there will be more than four layers, because the top pieces overlap at the seams.  Still, a good sharp needle and only two strands of floss should be no problem.  I usually start from the back and pull the knots through the backing fabric to hide them.  Because of the way I'm planning on framing the piece, all quilting must stay back 1/2 inch from the edge.  I added pins all around to remind myself of this.

Simple spirals for the water

I decided to stick with the somewhat abstract or stylized nature of the quilt when chosing how to quilt it.  Because so many pieces are overlapped, I knew I had to be very careful to not jump around too much, or I could end up with large wrinkles.  Many times with a quilt like this, I'll start in the middle and work outward in all directions, but this time, because of the number of pins involved, I decided to work from the bottom upward.  If anything started to shift, I thought it would be easier to hide it in the upper reaches.

Zig zags for the trees

Wavy lines for the snow and glacial ice

Peaks for the mountain tops

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It's really looking very dreamy just like your beautiful photos of the Alaskan passage.