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South to Vancouver

Our last full day on our Alaska inner passage trip took us down to Vancouver.  It was the only day (and night) that was really misty and cooler, and since we were finally getting a bit further south, we actually got a real sunset and some darkness!

That was actually sort of sad, I guess.  But all things must eventually end.  Some of the passengers were calling it gloomy and sort of complaining about it.  I called it mystical and magical!  Isn't it lovely?  After a week of unseasonably warm and nice sunny weather in Alaska, how could we complain even for a moment?

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Cyndi, you just proved a quote I'm fond of.

"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." ~ Dalai Lama

Your beautiful photos really capture the way you saw it. I agree - "mystical"
Cyndi L said…
I saw you posted that quote a few days ago! I like that a lot too :-)