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Vulture quilt - part six, Finished!


So, it turns out that my fears about the stitching being visible when I tacked down the vultures was unfounded.  In fact, I had to desaturate the image and put a circle around the little stitch just to show it to you in the picture below!  First order of business was to finish the edges though.

Using some beautiful hand-dyed yarn that I bought in Alaska, I cut three pieces for each side and blanket stitched them along the edges.  I had a brief flirtation with the idea of making the final quilt shape oval, but I settled on the rectangle to avoid it being too gimmicky.

Once all the sides were stitched together (through front fabric, batting, and backing), I gathered them up at the corners and knotted them loosely in place.

Here is a shot of one of the tiny little stitches that hold the vultures in place.  I used black Nymo beading thread, doubled, and stitched each vulture in three places.  Knot the thread, tiny stitch, knot the thread, pull the knots through the backing to the inside.

Ta-da!  I've named the quilt Downdraft.  I was going to call it Downdraft at Sunset, but...duh, that's when downdrafts usually happen.

If you missed any of the construction tutorials, you can follow from the beginning at the links below.

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bev said…
Cyndi this is awesome! I especially love the soft colors that you used. Thank you for sharing this step by step tutorial.
Cyndi L said…
Thanks Bev! The colors are my attempt at a sunset. We don't really get those pretty colors here in New England except in Jan & Feb, but it's MY quilt, and if I want to cheat...LOL!
Robbie said…
VERY cool!!! Turned out great!!!
Beautiful, especially having seen what goes into a such a quilt from beginning to end.

Uh ... am I only only person who didn't know downdrafts mostly happen at sunset?
Cherie Burbach said…
This turned out great, Cyndi. I love the feeling you were able to convey with this. What a wonderful work of art.
Cyndi L said…
Thank you guys! Eileen, also during thunderstorms, I was just informed ;-)