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Skagway, Alaska

The first port stop of our inner passage cruise was in Skagway, Alaska.  This is a town with a lot of interesting history, but frankly, Mike and I were more interested in climbing the local mountain.  With all the eating we've been doing...and were planning on continuing to do...we would need some good vigorous hikes.  Dewey Mountain fit the bill.

We hiked up to several lakes and waterfalls over the course of several hours.  Believe me, the trail only looked this good near the bottom!

Had to schlep the raincoat everywhere, but never ended up needing it!  But it gave me a lovely wet ring around my waist each time!

Afterwards, back down in town, we looked around a little bit and found:

The most photographed building in Skagway, constructed of drift wood.

The plaque for Dead Horse Trail, part of the notorious White Pass where over 3000 horses died packing the food and equipment for gold miners.

The train's snow plow!

The painted posters for each of the cruise ships who have crew brave enough to climb the rock face.  Like the skull?

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bev said…
Cyndi I just have to take a second of your time to tell you just how awesome you and your website are!! I have sat here for days on end and surfed the web for a site like yours is. I don't know why I am just now finding it but finding it is worth more to me than all the other mixed media sites, classes, etc. are put together. Thank you so much for being here for myself and others like me that are just starting out and wanting to do Mixed Media Art but unsure and a little nervous about where and how to start. Thank you Cyndi!!
Cyndi L said…
Bev, it is my delight to share my adventures in Mixed Media land with you and others :-) I hope you'll be able to visit some of the old tutorials (linked by topic at the top of the blog) and I really really hope you'll contact me to share what you make!!