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Juneau, Alaska

Our next port stop in Alaska was Juneau.  I don't know how it has escaped me all these years that Juneau is completely isolated by car.  It's the capital of the state, and yet there are no roads running in or out of it.  Everything, including cars, arrives by water or air!

On the way into town, we passed the salmon processing plant which is a major employer.  This shows the freshly caught salmon ascending up the conveyor into the plant.

And this shows who is waiting patiently for something to fall!  I have never seen bald eagles that weren't in a zoo, so the constant eagle sitings never got old to me.  Did you know that they really do scream just like that clip that you hear in every tv show set in the west?

Our entertainment in town was the usual...we climbed the closest mountain, which in this case turned out to be Mount Roberts.  There was a tram, but we decided to climb up and perhaps take the tram back down if we were running out of time.  The stop in Juneau was the shortest of all the stops, unfortunately.  The shot above is from about halfway up the mountain, and the one below is from the top where the tram joins the trail.

On our way out of town, some not-so-bright person decided to ignore the coast guard and cut quickly in front of our cruise ship as it was pulling out and they were pulling in.  Not sure what their all-fired hurry was since it was still pretty early in the day (and it's day for practically 24 hours!), but maybe they just forgot that cruise ships can't stop or turn quickly.  The coast guard, including machine gun, was NOT amused, and escorted them back to the dock, yelling the entire way.

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bev said…
This is the cruise of my dreams. I have heard that you can't beat these Alaskan cruises for their beauty. I never realized the only way in and out of Juneau is by water or air...that is awesome!!
Cyndi L said…
Isn't that just the craziest thing? I hope that'll be able to go and see Alaska too :-)