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Bird seed cookies

My grandbaby Katherine loved the idea of feeding the birds and squirrels (in reality, probably exclusively the squirrels...), so I had her help me make bird seed cookies to put outside for them. I found a really easy directions for them at Natural Kids, which just uses some flour, water, and corn syrup to stick together the bird seed.

The project is immediate in the sense that the children can mix, roll out, and stick the cookie cutters in right away, but it is delayed gratification in that they must then wait a total of 12 hours for the mixture to dry out. We had a blast, and Katherine loved helping me scatter them around outside, just before the next snowstorm arrived!

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Cyndi, what a fabulous Grandma you are! Looks like your Katherine had a really great time (and I know you did too!!)... and no, I didn't know that you and Dani share the same shade of magenta hair.. what fun! Did you see that Helen Mirren has gone a pale shade of pink?
Cyndi L said…
I didn't see Helen Mirren's hair...gotta go look! I think that once day, Katherine will probably join us, as she often draws herself with pink hair ;-)
Cherie said…
I saw Helen's pink hair! That woman looks good in everything. I love these cookies, Cyndi!
What a fun idea. Wish I had a grandbaby or two close by.

P.S. I think you'll have to stop calling her your grand"baby" pretty soon. lol
Cyndi L said…
LOL!! You're right, especially since #2 is coming soon :-) Wish they were closer by too.