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Making soap balls

Even though this project was super-easy, it turned out to be one of Katherine's favorites.  Maybe that is because it was super-easy...there was really no way to go wrong!  I found the easy-peasy directions on Beautiful Sun Montessori, and I immediately knew this was something that the grandbaby and I would have to do together, along with Grampy this time.

I grated up the soap ahead of time, because I only have a regular sharp kitchen grater board and didn't want her to end up with sore fingers.  Then we mixed it with a bit of water, some ground-up oatmeal, some chopped rosemary, and - the best part - some food coloring.  I wish I'd purchased purple food coloring, because mixing the blue and red never results in a very pretty purple.  But Katherine was pleased, so what does it really matter?  These had to dry overnight before we were able to use them.

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I've been told that having grandbabies are lots of fun... you're proving that must be the case! Glad to see all of the creativity is being imparted to Miss Katherine!
Cyndi L said…
Miss Katherine *loves* doing projects ;-)
Cherie said…
What a fun project!