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Snow candles for Katherine

Our most complicated project with Katherine was making snow candles.  Not that it was really terribly complicated, but it took Dani and me awhile to figure out the best way to melt the wax! 

We had a barely white Christmas this year, and the teeny little snowfall found me outside with a dustpan, scooping snow off of the driveway, trying to avoid the stones!  I scooped up enough for our project, thankfully.

Once the wax was melted, Auntie Dani helped Katherine pack her jar with snow around the central wick.  I poured the wax for safety's sake.  Oh, and we used crayons to color the wax...they worked beautifully!

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Gosh, don't you just have some beautiful girls there!?!? My grandmother and I used to make what we called ice candles. We used old milk cartons (remember when they were paper??), broken ice, wicks and wax. Often there was glitter, plastic items, or any other thing I thought would be fun imbedded in the candle. We'd break the ice and tuck it around the wick, then pour the hot wax over it. It was always so much fun to "unwrap" the candle by tearing the paper off when it was completely cold. Great tradition, and memories, to be making!
Cyndi L said…
Yes! That's what inspired us. I remember making milk carton snow candles with Dani, but we didn't really have any cartons around. I had all these glass jars, and we decided to risk the thermal shock and try using them instead. Worked great, but I wouldn't let either of them pour the wax.
Cherie said…
I love these pictures of the craft projects. They just make me feel so happy and bring me back. It reminds me of how much doing some creative together can bond a family.
How fun!

This made me think that I couldn't make these here in Mexico. Then I thought of all the "snow" I could shave off the inside of my freezer.

I knew there was a good reason I never get around to defrosting it!
Cyndi L said…
Thanks guys! Eileen, you can also use crushed ice, so get out that margarita blender!!