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Gingerbread train

Many moons ago, I used to make really delicious gingerbread houses.  I think I stopped mostly because they were a bit tricky to assemble.  In order to have a nice soft gingerbread that you actually wanted to eat, you needed to have a cardboard form for your house, plus super-sticky frosting.  I really need to find that recipe, though, because after our experience putting together a pre-fab gingerbread train this Christmas, my vow is never again with a pre-fab.

Help from Auntie Dani

The gingerbread was rock hard!

Well, of course it was.  It needed to be in order to stand up all on its own and not frustrate a small child who was building with it.  But come on...this stuff was completely inedible.  Nonetheless, Katherine enjoyed herself and was able to do much of it alone, or with just a bit of help.

Help from Papa (our son Nate)

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Katherine looks like she had a great time... and the train looks wonderful!
Well, it sure looks cute. And they seem to be having fun.

I once sent a gingerbread house kit to my sister's kids. It never occurred to me that they wouldn't be able to eat it later!
Cyndi L said…
The "having fun" part was the only thing that really mattered :-)