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Image transfers to MDF - reader question

Hi Cyndi,
I discovered your blog, and I'm interested in the image transferring. Do you know if any of the techniques would work transferring a printed image onto MDF? I quite like the not-so-perfect finish but it would need to be durable. Any advice would be much appreciated.
Many Thanks,

Hi Ruth!  Most of the techniques would work as long as you primed the MDF properly for the method you choose.  For example, if you decide to do a plain paper image transfer, you would put down a layer of matte polymer medium first and let it dry.  You'll have a much easier time getting the transfer to stick that way.  Then, after you've peeled up the paper and cleaned it up a bit, you can just cover it with another layer of matte medium to seal it in.  Once it's totally dry, you could seal it again with something more durable if you wanted. 

Did you find this page with the links to all the image transfer methods

Best ~

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Thanks for the links, Cyndi. As you well know, I'm one of the people who has been bugging you for image transfer tips. It's so much fun to do!
Cyndi L said…
Good timing, huh? :-)