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Book review: Making an Impression

With just a few tools and a little bit of inspiration, you could soon have your own special set of stamps, designed especially for your mixed media work.  Geninne D Zlatkis takes you through the process from start to finish: how to come up with a design idea, how to carve the stamp, how to print it properly, and how to move from simple to more complex projects.  Making an Impression is a totally delightful guide to this process, published by Lark Books.   

Geninne explains the difference between negative and positive image stamps (something that I have always had some difficulty with, being dyslexic!), and shows you in great detail how to stamp your designs on both paper and fabric, but also on some other creative surfaces.

What I really like about the projects is Geninne's emphasis on using the ideas as a jumping-off point.  You are encouraged to come up with your own stamp designs, and also to feel free to riff on her project ideas.  As an extra bonus, Geninne has included 50 of her own personal motifs that you are free to use.  Amazing!

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I started making my own stamps when I learned about Letterboxing... they really are fun and interesting to create. Looks like a great book to learn from!