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Book review: Letterpress Now

We're not talking about hand-stamping here!  Letterpress Now is for the serious hobbyist or for someone who wants to start a business.   This volume starts with the types of presses available and has a fun chart to help you figure out which is right for you.  Do you have "space to fill and $$ to burn"?  Then you might want to get a full-sized cylinder press!

Letterpress Now takes you through the rest of the basics, including more tools, paper, ink, typesetting, clean up, and maintenance.  Then if you still are undaunted, come the step-by-step projects.  Can I confess that I couldn't do any of them?  Here are some of your choices: setting metal and wood type, lino-relief block prints, photopolymer plates, and die-cuts.

The project portion of the book was really the only section that interested me personally (the pretty pictures, that is!), because I just don't see myself getting involved in letterpress.  But I could look at the beautiful work of the featured artists all day long and never get tired of it!

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