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Rome...the food

Cheese plate

I have to start by saying that we didn’t have a single bad experience with food in Rome, but several dishes stood out in my mind as exceptional!  Some of the appetizer and dessert dishes we had were so pretty.

Fruit plate

Many of the main dishes were items that we’ve had at restaurants here in the States, but somehow they just seemed so much better there. Was it because of the atmosphere? The fresh handmade pasta? The fresher ingredients? The wine? ;-) Probably all of the above!

Sedanini alla Norcina

Cannelloni di Ricotta e Spinici

Gnocchi al Ragu di Carne

I know I already told you about going to the Hard Rock Cafe. Sorry! We just had to do it. It’s traditional for us. After four months of fabulous pasta and fresh produce, Dani wanted a hamburger so badly that she was ready to cry!

Thursday, I’m going to tell you about my very favorite place of all…a restaurant that I totally suggest you visit if you’re ever in Rome!

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