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Rome...the best restaurant of all

As I said on Tuesday, we didn’t have a single bad food experience the entire time we were in Italy, but this beautiful little restaurant that we found near the Colosseum was by far the best! Found at 195 Via Cavour, L’Archetto is charming, and the food is amazing. Look for it if you’re ever in Rome…you will not be sorry!

Our server, Marco, suggested that we try the bruschetta, and we were not hard to convince. I’m so glad we did, too…it was absolutely delicious, everything that bruschetta should be, topped with fresh fresh fresh tomatoes, olive oil, basil, and just enough salt.

Here’s a selection of the amazing dishes that we had over the course of our long relaxing mid-day dinner:

Roasted potatoes




The decor and ambiance were as enchanting as the food. Our server had a great sense of humor, and patiently waited while we struggled along with our very poor Italian, helping us out when we got stuck. He introduced us to his wife, who was working there that day as well:

To the left was the shelf with the really fine wines. I regret that it was so hot that day that we passed on the wine…we all knew that it would put us to sleep immediately since we are just not used to drinking it during the mid-day heat. Still, the selection was impressive!

The meal was so delicious and so satisfying, that I have to admit we ended up sleepy afterwards anyway! Maybe we should have just gone ahead and had the wine :-)

Thank you for a lovely meal, Marco!

Mike, full and happy

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Michelle said…
Cyndi - thanks for the tip. I will be in Rome in August, so it's good to hear all the food has been good. Will check out the restaurant.
Cyndi L said…
Oh, I hope you enjoy yourself! Rome is sooooo magical :-)