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Kimura Fabrics

Kimura's Fabrics, Kainaliu Village, 79-7408 Mamalahoa Hwy (Highway 11), Kealakekua, HI 96750
808 322-3771

You'd never know from the outside of this building that a Hawaiian fabric institution lurked within.  We went off looking for it, but would have driven right by except that a chocolate shop we were also looking for was right across the street, with a much more prominent sign.  When we stopped to "look at" the chocolate, I happened to glance across the street, and there it was.  Don't you see it?  Kimura's is right in the middle of the block.

Although this family-run business has scads of all types of fabric, Hawai'ian prints are a specialty and of course that was what I was after.  The cotton prints were so inexpensive too, I just couldn't get over it.  I bought four different pieces, and to state that I wished I'd bought more would be an understatement.  Ah well, limited room in the suitcase!  

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Lynda said…
When we were in Hawaii in January I made sure we could stop there and check out the material. I bought some of the same you did. Loved that place and the chocolate shop!!
Anne said…
Do they still rip the fabrics instead of cutting after they measure? I held my breath the first time I saw them do that! I also got a kick out of the way they measured(using a yard stick in the air next to the fabric) different from the mainland method!
Cyndi L said…
Lynda, cool!! I'd love to see what you make/made from it...I'm just starting a new piece now with some of the fabrics.

Anne, they very very carefully cut the fabric, which really surprised me. I expected ripping, which is what I always those frayed edged ;-)
Tammy said…
I love the turtle print!