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Marbled fabric quilt - part two

The quilt that I'm currently working on is an unusual one for me.  I usually don't know where I'm going with a project for quite some time after I actually start on it, but this time, as soon as I had all the marbled fabrics together, I knew what the quilt was going to be named: Falling From a Blue Sky. 

The design that I envisioned was going to be composed of marbled fabric circles of several sizes centered on slightly larger solid-colored fabric circles.  To choose a color for the backing circles, I gathered up a handful of my marbled fabrics and headed off for the fabric store to audition some possibilities.

I found a pretty fuchsia cotton twill which seemed to look good with all the different fabrics, and a bright true blue cotton twill which I chose to be the background fabric.  That's not the blue cotton shown in the image'll have to wait till next time for that!

I ironed lightweight interfacing to the back of circles before cutting them out.  The interfacing is as much to keep the fabrics from unraveling around the edges as to stiffen them.

I chose a blue embroidery floss which matched the background blue fabric pretty well, and began to stitch the marbled circles to their backings.  This was wonderful mindless work that allowed me to listen to some good audio books while stitching.

Next week, the quilt design!

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Marbled fabric quilt - part two
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Well, I'm already hooked... between the marbled fabric and the fuchsia, I'm already in love with it! I can't wait to see the rest!
Lynda said…
I LOVE this! Thanks for sharing and looking forward to the next post. Lynda
I love watching your process. It's helping me become less timid in my art.

The marbled silk is lovely. I can't wait to see the finished piece.
Cyndi L said…
Thank you guys! Eileen, I *never* think of you as timid!!