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Marbled fabric quilt - part three

It took awhile to figure out how all the circles were going to be placed on the background bright blue twill.  I moved them all around several times over the course of a few days.  Finally, I got them all arranged to my satisfaction, and discovered that I really wanted a few that were raindrop or teardrop (you decide) shaped rather than round.

A quick detour while I made the drops, rearranged the elements again, and pinned them into place.

I chose a bright golden yellow to stitch the shapes down to the background fabric.  After thinking about it for awhile, I decided that it would probably work best to stitch down all the shapes that were on "top" of the pile first (which coincided mostly with the bottom of the quilt), and then work my way up through the ones that were partly obscured. 

Stitching was tough going, because the background fabric was also backed with interfacing and there was a layer of batting too, so there were a lot of layers to stitch through. 

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Marbled fabric quilt - part three
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Looks really nice and textured! It will surely live up a wall space!
This is wonderful! It's always such fun to follow your journeys Cyndi!
That is coming along beautifully, the marbling is very effective!
Andra said…
Love it. I remember making marbled paper in a college class so it is fantastic to see the same technique used for fabric. I really like you raindrops!
Cyndi L said…
Thank you guys! This piece is sooo different from the last few I've made that it kind of feels refreshing to me :-)
I love how this is progressing.
Tammy said…
The mix with the teardrops definitely works!