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Monday, January 23, 2012

Marbled fabric quilt - part four

 Falling From a Blue Sky

Once all the circles and drops were stitched to the foundation fabric and batting, I added another piece of the blue twill as a backing for the entire quilt.

After squaring up the corners and trimming all the layers, I used a blanket stitch all around the outer edge of the quilt.

I added four large white buttons to the back of the quilt, stitched through to strategic spots on the front where I could hide the stitches in the design.  The buttons will keep the quilt from sagging over time if I decide to hang it somewhere.

All finished!

Marbled fabrics - part one
Marbled fabric quilt - part two
Marbled fabric quilt - part three
Marbled fabric quilt - part four

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ACreativeDreamer said...

So, soooo pretty Cyndi! Really just lovely!

Cyndi L said...

Thank you June! I am so pleased with how well the colors pop. It's very different from my usual pieces, though :-)

Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

It's lovely, Cyndi.

I love following your projects step by step and try to guess where you might be going.

Whatever - it always ends up beautifully.

Robbie said...

This turned out so cool!!

Cyndi L said...

Thanks guys!

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