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In the Shadow

In the midst of working on my marbled fabric quilt, I found myself wanted to get ready for the next project.  You probably do that on multiple projects at the same don't yell at me :-)

A few weeks back, I ordered some more silk fabric from Dharma Trading, so while I was at it, I also ordered some inkjet printer silk.  If you're going to do a lot of printing, it makes more economic sense to treat your own fabrics and attach them to carrier sheets of paper yourself.  But if you just want to experiment and mess around a little, these prepared sheets are the way to go. 

The image that interested me to use again was the fire tower from the top of Mt Washington in New Hampshire.  Or maybe it's one of the weather towers.  Climbing Mt Washington was Mike's and my honeymoon trip, and we re-enacted it for our 20th anniversary.  Minus the 50lb backpacks.  That meant up and back in one day, but when a 4 star hotel is waiting for you at the bottom, who cares?

I have used the image before, in this digital piece that I called In The Shadow.  A printed out copy resides in my studio, because the image makes me happy, even though it's a bit ominous.  What I had to do for my silk printout was to find my original files and strip it back to just the image of the tower that I had already cut up and prepared.  Up the contrast a bit, lighten everything, and print.  My silk image is ready to rock and roll, just as soon as I decide how to use it.


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Shel said…
cool pics - way cool!!
I'm not surprised that In the Shadows is one of your favorite pieces. It's one of mine too. Very evocative.
Tammy said…
Ah, I was just about to ask you how you plan to use it. Keep us posted!