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Watercolor paper geometric collage

My Soul Follows Hard After Thee 
Psalm 63:8
Oh my, what a terrible picture!  The main problem was the shininess of most of the elements.  I usually use a matte or satin gloss layer of acrylic medium, but this time I went for more shine..oh well.  I can still tell you how it was done :-)

1. I used a selection of previously painted watercolor paper, some cut and some torn as you can see.  The torn piece near the bottom is mounted on black card stock, which is "framed" by some shiny textured silver-colored corners.

2. The text was added next, using shiny automotive tape.  I used a ballpoint pen to incise each word, and then wiped each with thinned black acrylic paint, wiping it off the surface before it dried.  That way the paint stayed in the words, making them stand out, although that's hard to tell because of my sub-par picture!

3. I mounted the watercolor paper background onto matte black mat-board and added antique bobbin spindles at the top and bottom.  I used two-part epoxy resin to make sure they were secure.  

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Automotive tape....hmmm. I frequent a small, independently owned hardware store here in town, they are used to me coming in with a strange request for some piece of hardware that won't be used for what it was meant... I'd never thought about the auto store though... I guess I'm going to schedule a look through there next weekend! Thanks for the idea!
Cyndi L said…
Hardware, automotive, office's all good ;-)
Liberty said…
this piece is so beautiful! I love it :)
Cherie said…
I'd have never thought of the auto store for crafting... but you bet I'm going there now. This is beautiful, btw. Love it.
Automotive tape? I don't even know what that is; but I'll be checking it out.

The effect looks like metal tags. I like it.

The spindles are sheer genius. They make it look like a beautiful scroll.

It's lovely, Cyndi. I can see that even though the photo doesn't do it justice.