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Steampunk fabric cuff

In the most recent issue of Cloth Paper Scissors (July/August 2011), Teresa Stanton has a brilliant article called "Wearable Art Cuff" that I used as the inspiration for a new fabric cuff, steampunk style.  To build the basic cuff, you simply need strips of fabric and a sewing machine, or you could even do the stitching by hand if you'd rather!  

I recommend you pick up a copy of the magazine for Teresa's clear instructions.  Below is a list of the various beads, buttons, and do-dads that I used for my cuff.  I make most of my bead embroidered fabric bracelets in a different fashion, and you can find the instructions for those at the link, but this time I mostly used Teresa's instructions, and really liked the way the edges are left free and ragged.   


Watch parts, gears, buttons
Gear charm (Earthenwood Studios)
Seed beads
Glass flowers
4 mm round accent beads
Black Nymo O beading thread
Embroidery thread


Beading needle
Embroidery needle

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liniecat said…
Thats a great design!
I saw (and drooled over) that article. Your interpretation is wonderful. It definitely has the "Cyndi" touch.
Cyndi L said…
It was one of those head-slapping moments when I saw the article...why did I never think to leave the edges raw like that? Oh, I remember. Because I usually like to sew beads all around the edge!
Cherie Burbach said…
I remember that article, and I agree with Eileen, you gave it the "Cyndi" touch! Very nice.
Anonymous said…
appreciate your comments love your work , my sincerest regards for much creative prosperity to you.
artfully yours,Teresa Stanton
Cyndi L said…
Thank you for dropping in, Teresa! I really love the way you designed your cuffs :-)