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From sea to shining sea!

The Fourth of July seems like the perfect time to tell you about the odyssey that my daughter and husband just enjoyed together: they drove from our home just outside of Boston to the site of Dani's new job in Portland Oregon!  Yup - from sea to shining sea, minus about 20 miles ;-)

A cart that Dani created for the play The Merchant of Venice
with some actors standing in the way!

Dani's internship at the Shakespeare Theatre Company just ended and her new life in Oregon at Michael Curry Design is about to begin.  In between there was corn...lots and lots of corn.  And some mountains.  And some other neat stuff.  I'm sure that Dani will be posting more about it over time, so I'll just leave you with these samples:   

It says Quaker Steak & Lube

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How annoying of those actors to stand in the way. lol

Best of luck to Dani!

Happy 4th of July to all.
Michelle said…
Love the corn picture - and the dinosaur one. Great photos!