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Easy-peasy lace flower hair ornament

This little project is so easy and fun that you probably don't even need my instructions!  I like to wear my hair up in the summer, a LOT of the time, so I started making these as a way to feature my ever-growing collection of buttons.  Start with these items:

A hair elastic (preferably in some bright non-serious color)
A fabric flower with a hole in the center (I made mine from a strip of old lace trim, following the instructions here on Beading Arts)
A shank button (large enough to make a nice flower center and not slip through the hole)
A jump ring (not pictured, because I thought of it later!)

Originally, I was going to sew the button to the elastic band through the hold in the center of the flower, but I decided to use a jump ring instead, because then I could change the button if I wanted to!  If you wanted to use a non-shank button, you could definitely sew it on, maybe using some embroidery floss in a fun contrasting color. 

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I think it was Carmi who recently posted about dipping bits of lace in 2-part resin. Wouldn't that be neat for a hair ornament like this?
Cyndi L said…
Yes it was! She achieved a filigree look by saturating lace with resin. Great idea :-)
liniecat said…
Like this idea and it would look so pretty in the hair too.
Ive another Giveaway Cyndi, but more than foil, if you pop over to my blog