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Christmas ornaments to bring the generations together

When my children were young, I was always looking for easy projects that we could do together to decorate for different holidays.  They may be grown up and gone, but there are now GRANDchildren to think about!  Here are some of the projects that I've come across recently that make me wish so very very much that my grandbaby lived closer.  Oh heck, maybe I'll do some of them myself anyway...gotta get in practice!

Quilled snowflake

Fond memories ornament

Kirigami paper snowflakes

Ribbon ornament

3-D folded paper star

The Wrap Artist

Photo ornaments

Gingerbread house book

Fabric trees

Great family photos

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The 3-D folded stars (Morovian Stars) are some of my absolute favorites ever. Last year I had them in my office window, and one afternoon a lovely lady dropped in to tell me that she often admires my window as she walks her dog across the lawn. She was taken by the white stars and brought me a red one she had made using ribbon. I hadn't thought about ribbon, but what a great idea... her star is in my window to this day, it was such a sweet gesture on her part and I smile every time I think about her and the red star.
Cyndi L said…
One of my favorite projects on this list is the brand new one at the bottom...the fabric trees ;-) Did you see that one, June?