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Book review: World's Best Origami

World's Best Origami 

I haven't really played with origami for a long long time. I loved it when I was a kid, although I did find some of the instructions frustrating because they weren't always consistent about how similar moves were to be performed. Now there's a new origami book on the scene that I've been fortunate enough to receive for review. And all I can say about it are good things, so how's that for a review? :-)

World's Best Origami by Nick Robinson features both traditional designs and some brand new ones from top origami artists.  There is a rather large section in the beginning which both teaches the basics and also teaches you how to decipher the instructions!  No more wondering whether the fold is supposed to go up or down.  No more puzzling over what various symbols mean.  I love it!

From there, the book is divided into chapters that are arranged by subject: animals, birds, faces, containers, etc.  Each design is shown step-by-step, and each one has a difficulty level grading on it.  Like doodling and other meditative artforms, once you take the frustration out of origami, all that's left is fun and relaxation.  This book would be good for yourself and to use with children too...there are plenty of simple designs they could even do on their own. 

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MB Shaw said…
Oh excellent, I appreciate the review. I just took my grandson to an origami demo last week and we made ornaments. He is 8 and really enjoys it.
Cyndi L said…
Isn't serendipity great? I love the look of a tree covered with handmade ornaments :-)