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Fall Migration - part two

Fall Migration
12x10 inches

Please visit last week's tutorial for a complete materials and tools list, and for the first half of the instructions!

8. Add embroidery and beading details.

9. Cut backing fabric bigger than the top.  Square it up and cut all edges even.

10. Quilt by hand or by machine around largest shapes if desired.

11. Pin outside edge and add blanket stitch all around the outside, picking up a large seed bead with every other stitch.


12. Epoxy the cabochon to the earring stud and stick it through all layers of the quilt when dry. 

13. Stitch on hanging hardware or dowel.

14. Finished quilt

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I love how you've scattered a trail of beads to tie the distinctive fabrics together. The little quilt is beautiful, Cyndi.
Cyndi L said…
Thank you, Eileen. The trail is supposed to represent the migration flight of all the birds that pass through New England during the autumn. We sometimes see bird species for a day or two that we never have around here at any other time!