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Stenciled leaf fabrics - part one

Although I started out being inspired by the kirigami leaf patterns that I showed you last week, I ended up using mostly the individual leaves to make my leaf fabrics.  Each fabric started with a thin wash of acrylic paint (I used Quinacridone magenta), which I allowed to dry.  Then I added about 6 or 7 more layers of stenciling, stamping, and painting.  Any wonder that it took a few days to complete?  I hate having to wait for fabric to dry!

I'll show you the process with my first piece of fabric, and tomorrow I'll post some pictures from the other two pieces.

1. Wet your fabric (I used muslin) and paint it with a very thin wash of acrylic paint.  Allow it to dry thoroughly before beginning to stencil.  I also like to iron the fabric between each step to set the color well.

2. I added a layer of "shadows" using a permanent black ink.  Contine to iron the fabric in between each step. 

3. Stripe the fabric with tape and stencil on a "broken" layer of images with ink or acrylic paint.

4. Add many many many more layers of stencils, both positive and negative.  Use both matte and pearlescent acrylics.  I used some Interference violet and Interference gold paints in one of the top layers.  Add any additional paint touches needed by brush or sponge.

5. Lightly sponge on some foil adhesive, and when it is dry enough, add some areas of transfer foil to your fabric. 

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Isn't it amazing how many layers can go into this sort of thing, and how different the fabric becomes with each? I love this one!
Cyndi L said…
And it's so much fun when you're in the midst of doing it and the finished fabric is slowly emerging :-)