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Question of the month: What did you name your business and why?

A couple of years ago, I asked this question of my readers at a different blog. Did you use your own name?  An image that has always intrigued you?  Your initials?  Was it hard to decide, or are you stilltrying to decide?  Why did you decide on the name you settled on? Do you have any regrets? I have to be honest with you about this: if I had it all to do over, I might just have used my own name rather than "doing business as" names!  But it's too late for me now :-)

You can leave a link here in the comments, or even better, send me an email with the story of your name and any image you'd like to share. I'll post it on Mixed Media Artist with a link to your site or blog :-) Email cyndi @ (remove the spaces) with the subject line "my business name".

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What a delight to be featured here. Thank you, Cyndi!

I hope people enjoy reading about our "2nd chance".
Cyndi L said…
I love success stories like this, Eileen. It's wonderful when people are able to take a negative situation and figure out a positive way to redeem it :-)
Sarah Payne said…
I am struggling with precisely that issue at the moment but the name Sarah Payne is well known in the UK for all the wrong reasons! So what do you do?!?
Cyndi L said…
Wow, Sarah. I had to look it up since I'm not really a news junkie. I'm certain that your name is much more familiar in the UK than in the USA, but still, I can see why you would question what to do. One thought is that it might be very difficult to obtain a URL with your name anyway...I'm guessing that many versions of it have been taken. You might have more success with some version of your name like "Sarah's Stones" or somesuch. On the other hand, if you did something like "Sarah Payne's Jewelry Designs", it might be very difficult to get your site to rise to the top in google. Of course, you can *call* your business one thing and still use a slightly different URL, so maybe that would be a way around the problem. I'd like to hear more of your thoughts on it, and maybe learn some of the names that you are thinking about using.