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Altered books - Adding tabs

There are many ways to add a page or some tabs from a different source into your altered books.  One of the easiest is simply to glue it directly to an existing page.  But sometimes it's more interesting to add the page or tabs in a more "free-standing" manner, especially when they are shaped and you don't want the underlying page to be distracting. 

Materials and tools list from Part One

1. Choose or create the inserts that you wish to add to your book.  In this example, I made three shaped tabs that I wrote on, front and back.  Choose where in your altered book you are going to add the tabs or the page. 

2. Carefully use an X-acto blade or a sharp pair of scissors to cut all but about an inch away from two consecutive pages in the book.  Paint or decorate these "stubs" if you want.

3. Your tabs or page can be sandwiched between the stubs by either gluing, stapling, using eyelets (as shown
above) or brads, or any other means of attachment that appeals to you.  

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Heather said…
Hi Cyndi, You have been hard at work. Love your blog set up with the page tabs at the top. So much information to browse through!! Thank you- I will be back to see more. Please come over and see my New SW project. Would love to know what you think about it.
Cyndi L said…
Hi Heather! I'll be right there...
Limarea said…
That's a great idea! That way you can add some interesting texture to your journal! A piece of fabric even. Clever :D
Cyndi L said…
Thanks so much for mentioning that, Limar! I forgot to say that the "tabs" can be made from anything...paper, fabric, metal, 3-D objects, etc :-)
What a nice touch and effect. Thanks for the inspiration and how-to!