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Tony and Alessia

When my daughter studied in Italy a few years ago, she took several trips to Florence.  Of course!  Besides seeing the David, she visited the famed bridge of love,  Ponte Vecchio.  Lovers travel there from all over Italy (even from all over Europe) to declare their undying love by locking a padlock to the bridge and throwing the key into the water below.  I really wanted to see this sight when we visited her, but alas, we simply ran out of time.

So you can imagine my delight when I found that the custom was not limited solely to Ponte Vecchio.  While in Rome, we spent one evening poking through the Trastevere district.  It's full of gorgeous architecture, pretty views, and also boasts Rome's Hard Rock Cafe where we planned to eat that night.  [I know, I know...I don't want to hear about it, ok? :-) ]  While wandering through one of the neighborhoods, we came across a little guardrail and fence bordering a cliff, and, you guessed it, Tony and Alessia had used it to declare their love!  Since their original padlock was too small to span the railing, the undaunted couple had to use two :-)

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