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Creativity and the periodic table

Here is a fun online tool for you to bookmark. The Periodic Table of Visualization Methods has been assembled by a team of media, communications, and management specialists. It’s primary target seems to be business people and engineers, rather than artists, but it's still a brilliant piece of work ;-) You can roll your mouse over the “elements” to see an example of each strategy.

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That's pretty cool! However do you find all these great tools.

I've always found diagramming a wonderful learning tool - whether it was diagramming sentences or outlining a chapter or planning a project with a Gantt chart, there's something about the visual flow that helps me understand the connections and retain the info.
Cyndi L said…
My favorite methods have always involved some sort of diagramming too. The nice thing about this chart is that it suggests some methods that I *never* would have thought of on my own!