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No animals were least not in this exhibit

I did not find out about this exhibit in time to see it.  I have mixed feelings about that.  I'm sure I would have spent the entire evening in tears.

Heide Hatry, a German conceptual artist, had a show in Cambridge MA in July, along with a silent auction, all to benefit the Audubon Gulf relief efforts.  And what a show it must have been...heartbreaking and thought-provoking.  Heide collected dead animals and preserved them through taxidermy.  She then proceeded to cover them in crude oil.  The show was appropriately called Imagine it Thick in Your Own Hair.  [Note - Heide found no need to harm any living animals to make this collection...these are primarily roadkill]  

The very thought of it makes me want to cry, which is exactly the point.  Good for you, Heide.  Art doesn't always need to be pretty.   

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liniecat said…
Oh yes, it must have absolutely hit home and I too would have sobbed. Its a blunt way of makinga comment and was obv meant to hurt seeing it. When I saw the pelicans sat in the filth as it lay on the sea, on the news, it upset me.
I have often wished I was in a position to fly over to places ,and simply help in some practical way. It seems contrite to put your hand in your pocket and send money and hope it is used wisely.
Fingers crossed lessons have been learned and good luck to those in that area and I so hope the wildlife recovers.
Cyndi L said…
I hear you. Night after night my stomach clenched as I watched the news from the Gulf Coast. I wanted to scream and I wanted to hurt someone, but neither of those responses is particularly constructive.