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Felted quilt - part four

It's finished, but I don't have a name for it quite yet.  "Untitled" does that sound?  After all the hand stitching and button embellishments were added, I decided to finish the piece off in one of my favorite quilt styles, with a blanket stitched edge. 

I chose a piece of cloth for the backing and ironed it well.  After pinning the top to the backing just inside my cutting line, I carefully snipped away and cut out my shape.

Here you can see the backing fabric...nothing special, just a nice plain piece of commercial cotton.

I used all 6 strands of embroidery floss to edge the piece.  Often I will add beads as I stitch this type of edge, but this time I decided to just leave it plain.  There seemed to be enough going on without additional do-dads.

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liniecat said…
Its great..............reminds me of the Solar system or maybe a Nebula! Would be nice to have 3 or 4 on a wall, like you would hang plates you know?
Like it very much!
Cyndi L said…
That's a very nice thing to say! I was thinking about naming it "Whirly-Gig", but now I'm going to have to think about it. Maybe a set in different colors...?
It's lovely. You always add such wonderful details, Cyndi.
Cyndi L said…
My details are pretty juvenile this time, Eileen, but that was the look I was going for, so all's good ;-)