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Free online photo editors

You know how much I rave about Photoshop, how I love it and can’t live without it. So why would I care about free online photo editors? There’s even a free version of PS now that you can download, and if that doesn’t suit you there’s always Gimp, which is a free download.

So again, why care about online photo editors? What about when your computer is in the shop, or you’re traveling without a laptop, stopping into libraries to use their computers? You’ve taken lots of great pictures, and you’d like to send a few to some friends without sending the full-sized file that will make them hate you. You’d like to post some of your travel pictures to your blog, but the file size is too big, the picture needs cropped, the eyes have the dreaded red-eye…

You get the idea. There are good reasons to know about online photo editors! Here’s a great review on ExtremeTech by Michael Muchmore on five editors that go beyond the basics. Thank you, Michael!  Unfortunately, since this article is a few years old, the first editor on the list, Fauxto, is no longer available, but all the rest are!

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Jeanne Nelson said…
Thanks for the great info! I'll be trying these. I've found Photoscape to be a good free editor, but a girl can never have too many sources! Happy Day!
Cyndi L said…
Thanks for mentioning Photoscape, Jeanne! That looks like a wonderful source too:
Limarea said…
Great tips, thank you :)