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Question of the month: What does your work say about you?

Without seeing or knowing you, how do you think other people perceive you solely from your work?  Do you think it's an accurate reflection?  Or do you tend to make pieces that speak more to an alter-ego or to someone else's personality?

Since I don't like repeating techniques very much, someone would probably have to conclude that I'm scattered or easily bored.  On the other hand, when they examine the detail and workmanship on one of my big bead embroidered necklaces, I would hope that they see my patience and self-control.  Unfortunately, both may be an illusion!  Just because I have patience for beadwork doesn't mean it translates into the rest of my life!

Inquiring minds want to know about you too!  You can either leave a comment here, or better yet, email me your answer along with an image of your work that illustrates the point you want to make!  cyndi @ (remove the spaces)

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rush8888 said…
i have sent an email to you. thought-provoking... i had to think about it for awhile.
Cyndi L said…
I'm going to post it tomorrow as soon as I wake up from the weekend festivities!!