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More on fonts: Photofonts

Last week I told you about the Fontifier.  Since I got all excited about the possibilities all over again, I decided to look around and find out some more about font creation.  I found Photofont and thought I'd died and gone to font-heaven!

Photofont says that they've bridged the gap between single-color TrueType fonts and Bitmap fonts that allow color and transparency.  They have free photofonts that you can download, and they show you how to load the fonts so that you can use them in your software programs.  They also have a tutorial that teaches you how to create your own!  Do-It-Yourselfers, take your marks!!

If photofonts are not what you're looking for, here are some other posts I've had in the past with links to some great TrueType or OpenType fonts:  

Skull font

300 very cool free fonts

Text in stitches

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Cool! I downloaded a few and started to play. I bet you can get some really neat effects by adding bevels, shadows, etc.

Thanks, Cyndi.
Genevieve said…
Ooooooo! Font heaven! Thanks for sharing!