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Felted fabric - part two

Using the Felting Needle Starter Kit from that I showed you in part one, I got to start on the fun part of my latest project.   Remember that the needle felting is going to be done through a layer of painted muslin and a layer of craft felt cut to the same size, into a foam block.  The foam block protects both your work surface from the razor sharp point and barbs of the needle, and it protects the needle from getting dull or bent.  

Needle felting:

1. Place a thick piece of craft felt under the painted fabric and cut them both out into the shape you desire.

2. Remove small strands of wool roving from your bundle.  Place a foam block beneath the area of the fabric that you plan to work on, and use a felting needle in a straight up and down motion to "punch" the roving into place and secure it through the two layers of fabric.  I find it easiest to start near the middle and work outwards in all directions. 

3. Chose a thick textured yarn and use the felting needle to punch it into place.

I know that this piece isn't finished, but I'm not sure what the next step will be quite yet.  Your comments and suggestions are welcome!  I'm thinking buttons and beads (of course), but I don't want to rush it.  When it's done, I plan to add a backing and blanket stitch around the outside.  Other than that...?

We'll probably come back to it before the year is up!

Added August 9, 2010:
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Luscious colors and texture!
Cyndi L said…
Thanks! I've been sorting through buttons and beads to finish it off ;-)