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Artsy blogging round-up!

Stefanie Girard's Sweater Surgery
See how Stefanie used the stitch doodle technique from The Big-Ass book of Home Decor to embellish a skirt with a jackalope.

About Family Crafts
Sherri has fond memories of making and playing with paper dolls when she was young. Perhaps that is why she was so excited to create these printable paper dolls.  

Aileen's Musings
Aileen is offering a crafty blog giveaway. She offers 4 different ways you can enter to win her Tic-Tac-Toe 3 in a Row Blog Giveaway! Hurry over and enter today!  

Beading Arts
Cyndi has a copy of "Beading In No Time" to give away! Pop on over and sign up to win! 

Carmi's Art/Life World
Carmi creates some glamorous shaker cards with her sewing supplies.
Cathie Filian
Surf's up and Cathie has a step-by-step tutorial on how to make a beach towel roll up. It even has a secret pocket!  

Craftside-A behind-the-scenes peek at a crafty world
Craftside announces the new along with a chance to win a copy of 1,000 Poses in Fashion, there is also a tutorial on how to make a rubber stamp out of a garden kneeling cushion, and a couple of quilt border ideas.  

Crafty Princess Diaries
Tammy is crocheting squares and totally missing her old yarn connection!  

Eileen - The Artful Crafter
Here are some more ideas from Eileen for decorating canvas tote bags.  

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