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A rose by any other name

My family are great ones for bestowing names on each other. No, not nasty names, silly! More like names that capture a part of our lives and personalities. One of our favorites is to come up with “Darth” names for each other. Maybe most people would prefer not to live on the darkside, but we’re just adventuresome that way! For the record, our Darth names are Darth Physicist (DH), Darth Humorous (DD), and Darth Pyro (me).

Sometimes the name your were given at birth just isn’t satisfying enough. Certain games, both online and IRL, demand alter egos. What do you do when your bag of ideas runs dry? Now you can turn to one of these fun name generators.

For extra fun, I’ve also included a couple of other online toys that might help to inspire your creativity.

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My fairy name and characteristics:

Your fairy is called Tangle Saturnglitter

She is a trouble maker.
She lives at the bottom of tangled gardens and in hedgerows.
She is only seen in the light of a shooting star.
She wears tangled dresses of multicoloured petals. She has delicate pale pink wings like a cicada.

Take note how very realistic the characteristics are...LOLOL
Cyndi L said…
Yes, well...ahem...

Here's mine:
Your fairy is called Thorn Yewtree

She is a weird enchantress.
She lives in brambles and blackberry bushes.
She is only seen when the first leaves fall from the trees.
She wears purple and green like berries and leaves. She has russet-coloured wings like a brightly coloured butterfly.

I do wear a lot of purple and green, and I do have red hair, and some people think I'm weird, so...
Limarea said…
How fun, must check these out :)