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A spooky tree

I tried a little Photoshop experiment that I'm still not sure about.  I think the look of this could be very effective for a spooky piece.  I know it's not Halloween season, but I was feeling a bit morbid because of the loooooong February we're having in New England.

What I'd really like to know is this: if February is the shortest month (and it is), why does it feel like the longest?


Anyway, the best I can figue out, I started with a picture of a tree in a graveyard, layered on a transparent layer of some of the tree detail, added a few morbid lines from Psalm 49, desaturated and played until I liked (sort of!) the look. 

At least I'll probably like it next October... 

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I like this a lot. I wonder how it would look more desaturated or in sepia.
Cyndi L said…
Most of the values are pretty close together, so both sepia and desaturated lose a lot of detail in this particular piece. Starting with higher contrast photos to begin with would help :-)
Ahhh, I see what you mean. Thanks for responding.

Mixed Media Artist has been like a self-paced online art course for me. And it's free!

Thanks so much for all your work ;-)
Sherri Osborn said…
Thanks for sharing this. Makes me wonder if I could play around with one of my daughter's engagement pictures and some love quotes or something.....
Cyndi L said…
Yes! It doesn't *have* to be could easily be soft and romantic :-)
Margot Potter said…
I'm fascinated by Photoshop and layers are so intriguing. Thank you for your creative generosity!

What a cool project - I think it looks wistful instead of creepy.
Cyndi L said…
Thanks Connie...maybe wistful or lonely would have been a better term!
Jacqueline said…
If you add a texture in a seperate layer, you can add thta little bit of extra to make it stand out. Like I did in here:
And in this piece:
It is all about playing and experimenting!
Cyndi L said…
Yup! I use that texture layer quite often, like in Stone Lily. The instructions are there for anyone who wants to try adding it to a single layer. For more layers...have at it!