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Book review: Get Real Greetings

This book made me stop and look, laugh, flip through it and laugh some more. Out loud, even! Jessica Strawser has a wicked sense of humor that isn’t always found in the scrapbooking and cardmaking world. I want her to be one of my girlfriends. You get the feeling, reading her book, that she spends a good deal of time exchanging witticisms with her girlfriends!

Get Real Greetings
by Jessica Strawser
Here’s one card text that I especially liked, front cover and inside:
Good luck on your new job…May it have more doughnuts and less soul sucking than the last one.
Now who wouldn’t like to get a card like that?

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Aimeslee Winans said…
I also have this book and I agree, it's a great read. But there are only about 3 cards I'd ever have the bad sense to make and give someone. And reading it just makes me want to anyway. I was kinda left feeling like it's a coffee table book that uses cards as it's vehicle, not really a how-to or gallery book of cards. Strangest crafts-related book I've read, actually. But danged funny. :-))
Cyndi L said…
I know *exactly* what you mean! I've always wished that I were more snarky and were the type of person who could come up with these cards and make them for others. I can't, but I can still laugh ;-)