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Foundations of Design and Typography

A fabulous online course that you can go through at your own pace. Written by Christine Castigliano, there’s a lot of meat in this course. Christine writes:
Why this course? There are a great many people today who practice design - and call themselves “web designers” - without training in design. Many know their way around PhotoShop and other software, but do not understand the basic principles of design. Naive business owners may pay them, but so much of their work is simply not effective. Don’t contribute to the noise! Learn to avoid their common pitfalls.
I love that line about not contributing to the noise…I’m also sure that I’m guilty of doing it!

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Thanks for the heads up. Always learning, and have been wanting something specifically on design for some time (no time to go back to school).
Cyndi L said…
LOL! As for me, no *desire* to go back to school! I like learning at my own (very slow) pace :-)