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Question of the Month: Bloggers to watch?

Darren Rowse over at Problogger posed the question a few weeks ago, who are the bloggers that you consider to be Bloggers to Watch?  Darren's world focuses on, of course, blogging itself, so while most of the suggestions he got are folks who blog about blogging, I started thinking that most of us probably prefer reading about paper, fabric, mixed media art...

So, do you want to share your list of  Bloggers to Watch?  If so, put together your top ten (please include their urls), plus an additional  link to your own site too, and send it to me to share with everyone.   I'll bet we can all find some great new blogs to follow this way.  Just send the links to cyndi @ (remove the spaces).  Please put "MM bloggers to watch" in your subject line.

My top ten Bloggers to Watch list is easy.  It includes the blogs of artist friends of mine.  I also read a lot of industry blogs which are really great, but these are the ones I find the most inspirational.  In no particular order:

Margot Potter The Impatient Crafter 

Crafty Princess Diaries 

The Artful Crafter

Aileen's Musings   

About Family Crafts  

Creative Dreamer  

Hankering for yarn  

Danielle Hurley (my daughter and my best friend!)

Jen Worden


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Ohhh, Cyndi...big hug to you for including me in your top 10...what an honor!
Kathleen said…
What a fun idea! looking forward to seeing lots of 'favorite blogs' here =)
Cyndi L said…
A big hug back for writing such wonderful posts, June!

Kathleen, yes! I'm expecting to learn of some new ones to enjoy :-)
Margot Potter said…
I'm honored. Thank you!

Ahhh, Cyndi, you have inspired me...I've added a page (who knew I could do that??) that I am going to change every month of blogs I've stumbled across during my much to see, so little time to find it all!!!
Cyndi L said…
So little time, so many blogs ;-)