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More artsy links!

Arts & Crafts Examiner
Designer Minoo Hersini shares her unique fall centerpieces, perfect for your Thanksgiving entertaining.

Gadabout Media DIY
Do you have a pair of blue jeans with a hole? Don't throw them out - it's easy to repair them!

Creative Dreamer
I'm sharing a post from August when I was experimenting with creating hand made books. I wanted to see if I could create a round one, and these are the result.

Hankering for yarn
This week, Noreen has made a video tutorial about how to work with the charming little vintage looms, 'The Magic Looms', that mysteriously always have a photo of a crocheted Granny square on the box. This is odd, because the looms couldn't possibly do that, but they DO create delightful squares. What were the manufacturers thinking? Ah well, the magic lives on...

The Artful Crafter
Say “Happy Anniversary” to Totally-Creative and win a free 1-year subscription!

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