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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Food and art...my favorite combo!

Some of you know that I also write about food and cooking gadgets...a couple of things that I'm as passionate about as art. Certainly you must have noticed that the last two quilts centered on food: my Tomato quilt and the Pear quilt. Well, I got all excited when I met an artist on FoodBuzz who combines these loves all the time!

I'd like to introduce you to Lisa Orgler and her delightful blog, The Lunch Box Project. This is a year-long "diet" that Lisa put herself on: to create a playing card sized piece each and every day of 2009! Prints are available at Lisa's etsy shop.

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Unknown said...

Cyndi- Thanks for the nice write-up! By the way, I love your tomato and pear quilts. They really are fabulous. Hopefully someday I can highlight them on my newsletter. Please take care and stay in touch! Lisa

Cyndi L said...

My pleasure, Lisa! I think your daily diet is wonderful :-)

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