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Mixed media artist: Nicolette Anderson

Artist: Nicolette Anderson
Blog & Website:
Nicolette's Creative Lettering

I have always been a creative person, and I come from a family of very creative people, from artisans, to writers, to performers. I strongly believe that creative activity is as important as physical activity to a healthy body and mind. I try to create something new every day.

I have always loved to draw, and have loved creative lettering ever since I took my first calligraphy class as a teenager. However, I prefer to be “freer” with my own lettering. After connecting with others in the art community, and receiving positive feedback, I have come to embrace my own whimsical style, and have featured it on my popular art blog, Nickieblog, which has had almost 150,000 visitors since I started it in five years ago.
I also teach online creative lettering classes through my blog, and my lettering website, Nicolette's Creative Lettering.

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Nicolette said…
I don't what more to say, Cyndi, other than that I am THRILLED to be featured on your blog! To be featured on one of my favorite blogs is such validation for me as an artist. Thank you so much...
Cyndi L said…
Well, I was totally delighted that you would share your work with everyone! Thank *you* :-)
Timaree said…
Yay, Nicolette. It is a great write up.
Ramona Davidson said…
Lovely, interesting, and thoughtful work.
Nicolette's work is charming!
Nicolette's work is so filled with symbolism. You can't just glance at it. I find myself going back to each image over and over again. TFS!
Jensters said…
This is a wonderful piece of work :)