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The Cave of Lascaux

I will admit to having a complete fascination with the cave, even though I’ve never seen it. The French government has a website that will take you on a virtual tour of the cave, since it is closed to the public. You can read the story of the cave and see the paintings. You can also read about the project to build a replica of the cave so that tourists will once again be able to view, if not the original, at least a close facsimile.

I didn’t know why the cave had been closed in the first place, but it appears that it has a lot to do with the fact that the tourists have to breathe! The carbon dioxide levels are a great deal of the problem, since cave air doesn’t circulate as well as that above ground.

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Hence72 said…
hi, pleased to meet you

Your blog looks fantastic

Come and pay a visit some time
It fascinates me too Cyndy. Those animals fairly jump off the wall. That was some incredible artist/s.
Cyndi L said…
Hello, Hence :-) My family and I love you live nearby?
Cyndi L said…
Hi Shirley! Great to see you :-)
Lins Artyblobs said…
I didn't realise they were so big, thanks for sharing.
Cyndi L said…
I didn't realize it was a string of caves at first.
Thanks for sharing this post. The complex painted caves of Lascaux are located in the Dordogne region. The awe-inspiring paintings are also described as ‘the antediluvian Sistine Chapel’.1200 visitors daily visit the cave. The initial climatic situation had been re-build and maintained with the assistance of a fully-automated system. The original caves were made in 1980 called as Lascaux II.
Cyndi L said…
That's so great to know...thank you for the update :-)
Hi Cyndy,

Have you seen the Grotto Chauvet. Along with others it has wonderful cave paintings as well. From the first time I saw the cave art at Lascaux I have been enraptured by the capturing of strength and power of the few markings and shadings involved. As dramatic as anything that has been produced since then. I would really like to explore some of dynamism in my own art. Shirley
Cyndi L said…
No, I hadn't seen the Grotto! Thanks for that link. More to dream about...
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