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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Margaret, are you grieving?

Margaret, are you grieving?

I've always liked Gerard Manley Hopkins's poem, and I realized a couple of days ago that I was calling this little girl Margaret. The rest is history.

The fabric collage was quilted and embellished with lots and lots of beads, and then finally she was nestled into a heavily collaged and painted paper "frame".

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Anonymous said...

Cool! How did you "quilt" it? Did you attach the beads w/needle and thread onto the paper?

Cyndi L said...

No, the central part is fabric and quilt batting, and was quilted by machine and by hand-stitching with beads. Then the quilt was nestled into a cut out watercolor paper frame, backed by mat board. In true collage fashion, the quilt was "glued" into place rather than stitched.


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