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Butterfly girl

Here's the next little image that I'm going to build a collage around! I learned a very valuable lesson through the advice and feedback of my online beading art group. As I worked on the last fabric collage, I was terribly unsettled the whole time. I liked the image, and it was fun and happy, but it just wasn't me. On the one hand, it was a good exercise to use colors that are not my favorites, in combinations that are not my favorites. But maybe...just maybe...I should have stuck to a slightly smaller size. A dear online friend whose opinion I value greatly suggested to me that there was a real split between my jewelry style and my art quilt/collage style. No problem with that, but it led me to some introspection and a certain amount of new understanding about what colors/images/styles/etc I like to work with. And how much embellishment.

I felt the entire time I worked on the last piece as if I were imitating someone else rather than doing my own work! Don't get me wrong ~ I like the piece Sunflowers a lot. But my work is usually considerable smaller, so no matter how much embellishment I throw onto it, it never feels least to me :-) I like fabric pieces that are highly embellished and I like ones that are more minimalist, but they have to be SMALL. And of course my bead-embroidered neckpieces are very encrusted. I know that Sunflowers isn't huge, but it is 21 x 15 inches, two to three times bigger than I usually do.

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Nonnafairy said…
Your fabric jewelry pieces are exquisite! What talent you have in your heart & hands! I'm a Texas illustrator/mixed media artist ~ thank you for posting such beautiful images to inspire us all. We don't need to know how you do it, just continue! Best wishes in '08 ~ Nonnafairy
Anonymous said…
Thank you so much, Nonnafairy! I'm not adding to this blog anymore, but if you'd like to click on my name, it will take you to the new one :-)